I’m lefthanded.

I’m a freelance writer, thinker, daydreamer and accumulator of information.

I once worked as a newspaper music editor but left journalistic ambitions in exchange for a graduate degree in poetry, then sold everything I owned and moved to Prague, where I fell in love with a minister and performing artist (both being the same person). My husband and I now run a non-profit community for artists called The Bloom House in Austin, Texas.

I’m a bit of a fashion nerd and love to sew. (Do fashion and nerd go together?) I’m passionate about gardening and restoring land spaces. I have a thing for film. My passions and work intersect, so hence the jumble of textures on this blog.

In addition to blogging, I’ve published two books and am at work on a third, a collection of essays. A Little Book on Poverty and Glory is a series of Christian essays about the spiritual aspects of poverty. This limited-edition book can be purchased through Bread and Tongue Press. I’ve also published a chapbook of poems, The Moon Incident.

I have a blog about my garden at austinwildflower.com.

You can find my completely crazy husband Derek at Ivan the Dissident.