Beautiful Ikat, what to do?

So I was shopping for fabric, very innocently. It always starts that way. I was looking for a light silk for a vintage shirtdress pattern, and one of the fabric shops I browse had a lovely cotton ikat fabric in stock “from an unnamed CA designer”. I immediately recognized it as a print from a designer I really like, Heidi Merrick (I’ve written about her clothes before). I have four of her pieces; she does summer clothing really well–elegant but surprisingly effortless.

I always seem to have a fashion crisis in summer. I like style, I don’t like slumping around in t-shirts and jeans and flip-flops. But I’m a layer-y kind of person; I like New York style, London style. Lots of layers, lots of accessories, and boots–my favorite shoes of all. It’s taken a lot for me to make peace with a climate that has summer dressing six to eight months of the year.

Anyway, the particular ikat fabric showed up in several of her designs, including a skirt (shown above) she did for Target. (Most of her clothing is way up in the $300 to $800 range; thankfully I found my pieces by her on super-sale.)

Here are some other styles she did in the same fabric. The long “Isak” dress on the right had a gorgeous deep back neckline.

It took me awhile to get into ikat. I don’t normally like the African prints but it’s been a thing for two summers now, and growing on me. I finally watched the hopelessly romantic Out of Africa this year, and who could blame me for going soft over a long dress named Isak. I hope the print isn’t not going to get too dated or hippie looking, because I bought four yards of it. I’m thinking maybe some shorts, or a tunic, or a scarf for a friend, but a maxi dress might be too much. Head to toe prints swallow me.

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