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Oh, phooey. WordPress blips.

Pardon the look of the site today. This site went down yesterday and in the process took the theme and design with it. This is all a part of learning WordPress, which uses php and can suck resources from your server, and I learned that one’s server can actually “kill” your site. (Yes, this is the term my host’s support used: “we killed your site!” Drastic.) Hopefully I will get things back up and running in no time!

By the way, I use the Thesis theme for WordPress. I have gotten quite used to it, and used to customizing it. There are other great themes and blogging platforms out there, but finding one to tweak and sticking with it makes life a whole lot easier, especially when one is running multiple sites on WordPress.

Movable Type or WordPress: a crossroads

I am at a crossroads. I currently run several blogs, some personal, some group/professional, and over the years I’ve mostly used Movable Type. I’ve tried Blogger, Typepad,, and even for a brief period Tumblr. But I always get bored with hosted blogs because I like having endless capabilities to change things. I’ve had my own host for ten years and I know how to code.

Anyway, Movable Type has been great, and I know it so well–it’s endlessly configurable. I love that I can have one installation and sign in and manage multiple blogs. But once MT went to 4.0 it was more difficult to get help–the online message boards and community weren’t as ready to answer questions as they once had been. And I also got a little bored with it so I started playing with a download of WordPress. ( and are different–the first is hosted, the second is self-hosted and installed.)

I looovved it. I loved how easy it was to install. I loved how many different themes I could just plug in and preview without screwing up my whole site. I loved all the various plug-ins that took a site from very, very basic to Ferrari in about a day. Read more

Reading, Writing and Will We All Go Tablet?

This recent blog from CNN’s Money got my attention. Read this first (if you want), then come back here. I’ll be waiting with my 2 cents.

10 luminaries look ahead to the business of reading

My 2 Cents

I love Apple, I really do. I have been going on these machines since Apple IIe–you remember, those little taupe boxes with tiny 8-inch screens? They were really cool. You didn’t have to boot Word from a floppy disc–which was the alternative with PCs. And ever since then, even though I have owned a few PCs, I have been a Mac person. Their little ingenious devices always seem to combine several tasks into one and you have to think less about how all these little engines fit together.
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