Day 13-14

Day 13. Yesterday was a bustle of activity. The cats came in for most of the day and Jude ran circles around the room, with what appeared to be a mixture of excitement and fear. He wouldn’t actively play with the others but at least he came out. If I feed them in the room, he comes out and devours food along with them. When it’s just me, he hides out of view; however, at the end of the night he fell asleep out in the open on the cat tower. He kept a wary eye on me when I came in the room, but couldn’t keep from dozing off.

Day 14. Thursday. Today was neutering day. I didn’t want to set a trap overnight and generally make his life more terrifying than it already is so I decided I’d start “trap-training” him. I tied a trap permanently open, lined it with a soft towel and put a big bowl of food in before I went to bed last night. It was all gone in the morning. It might take a week but I hope I can get him going willfully into a trap or crate for his own vet visit soon. The rest of the kittens are at the vet today and I’m not looking forward to bringing home three little droggy, coneheaded kittens. It’s always hard to watch animals drugged and vulnerable–even the feral cats, with whom I have less of a bond than my indoor dogs and cats. But at least the vet visits will be done for awhile for these three. Cats really hate being in cars and yowled all the way there, banging relentlessly on their kennels.