Day 7: Time for Freedom?

Day 7. Jude has been caterwauling at night–the sound that is awfully like a cat in heat. Maybe Jude is a Judette? I can’t get close enough to tell. I’m thinking it’s time to give him an opportunity to leave the cage.

The other kittens are quite used to their cage–they always eat in it. In the beginning, containing them all day in the cage worked because they were very small and not as eager to get out and explore. It was big enough to contain their kitten play, while giving me an opportunity to get close. (Now it’s all I can do to keep them from running through every open door in the house.)

At his age, Jude just looks trapped, and that could be why all the caterwauling. If I let him out, he’d have at least one room to explore and choose his approach. I let the kittens in the room once or twice today which gets his interest but I’d rather let him choose how to interact with them rather than be ambushed. Thankfully, he ate twice today and both times while I was in the room so he’s definitely hungry enough to show himself now.

I spent the evening arranging and kitten-proofing the room. We had to move his cage across the room and this really sent him into a spitting and hissing freak-out–he hid in his litterbox for over an hour. Once things were all organized, I put some food in his cage and left the door open. After 30 minutes I heard him eating and looked up to see him standing tentatively at the opening. Don’t think he’ll come out with me there, so I’ll try again tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll even let Sasha in to show him the ropes. What if Jude is in heat? And what if I can’t get him into a cat carrier in time for his appointment next week?