Day 8 & 9

Day 8. This morning I put some food into the cage and left the door open. A few minutes later he was out of his hiding spot in the litterbox, eating quietly. This is the second time he’s eaten with me in the room and without any excitement from the other kittens. It only took a few more minutes before he stepped out hesitantly and delicately one foot after the other.

So far he seems intent on finding a way out. He made it through most of my wall to wall bookshelves (not a great idea for a kitten room, but hey, it’s the only office I have), getting as high as he could and jumping on each window ledge crying at the outside.

I decided to let Sasha in for a brief period in the evening to see if that helped. After Sasha went through some initial fright and tail-puffing at seeing Jude out of the cage, he went over to check him out under a chair. Jude turned his back firmly on Sasha–cat language for “No way, dude”. Sasha tried a few more approaches but none of them worked and one ended in a little growling.

Day 9. Jude spent the night out of the cage. I could hear him jumping around in the room and yowling occasionally. I’m just going to have to leave him out of the cage because there’s no luring him back in. He’s spending most of his time under the chair.

This morning, I put some food under the chair and he ate a few bites but went back into hiding. I let all three kittens in the room just to see what might happen and Jude got as high as he could on the window ledge to get away from them. Leo seemed the most interested in playing and tried several times to bat at Jude but all he wanted to do was get away. I could tell mostly from his tail, which was swishing in an agitated way.

After a week, he is still terrified. I really hope things improve this week or I’ll start to wonder again if I did the right thing.

In other news, Titian, momma to all these kittens, has been MIA for over two days. She is always waiting to be fed in the morning and this is the 3rd morning I haven’t seen her. Very unlike her. Last night, while I was in the room with Jude, I started hearing her distinct kitten call, which sent him into a whimpering meow. She must have been out in the driveway trying to find him–he is the last of her kittens and unlike her other litters she didn’t have to leave them at three or four months to go have yet another litter. I’m sure she was very bonded to him… I hope this doesn’t take her far and she comes back home permanently.

Jude doesn’t want to get near his evening meal. I tried putting it under the chair where he was hiding and then back in the cage but after an hour he still wouldn’t touch it. I hate to pull it away but after a week it seems okay to remove the “free lunches”. I want him to associate me with food.