Here we are.

I have started and stopped multiple blogs. I’m a pretty decent web designer and I love having a place to explore every topic that interests me. But I’m a terrible “blogger” in the traditional sense. I started blogging in 1998, before Movable Type, before Blogger, before before. I had to hand-code each entry. From the very beginning, a blog (for me) was simply a website compilation of writings. They just happened to have dates.

When I fell in love with gardening I started an entire blog about my garden. (It is still going at But every other blog I’ve tried to keep has gotten stale, and usually because it is too confined to one subject, or too confined to brevity. I won’t be brief here; I’m a writer, not a micro-blogger. I will explore whatever interests me. This is why I decided to call it textural.

Texture: the quality created by the combination of the different elements in music or literature. In this case, from plant breeding to cultural analysis, from favorite films to sewing–I hope you enjoy the textures here.