My Pattern Collection is Getting Out of Hand

One of the things that inspired me to get back into sewing was my discovery that one didn’t need to be limited by the local fabric chain store for pattern and fabric ideas. I completely missed the huge spawn of sewing blogs and pattern review sites, the craftwoman explosion, online fabric shops and independent pattern companies–all in the last seven years. Ten years ago I had never seen a Burda Magazine or even Kwik Sew patterns, let alone the dozens of small fashiony pattern companies that cropped up.

Then I discovered Etsy and its gorgeous reams of vintage pattern and knick-knack shops. Danger, Will Robinson!

So I’ve been collecting patterns like a mad-woman. Lots of vintage, some new. To be honest, there is usually more fashion fun to be found in the archives of pattern history. Sometimes the older patterns are just… better. Better styles and more articulate details, and sometimes better patternmaking. While looking through the mainstream pattern catalogs, I keep seeing a whole lotta knit wrap dress patterns. I don’t know how many of these one needs.

I won’t tell you how many patterns I have, but let’s just say I haven’t thrown anything away since high school. And I’m a sucker for cheap pattern sales. And Etsy. It makes for a pretty insane box stash.

But if I had to, from the ones that are visible, these would be the top 10 I want to sew right now (due to change at any moment):

Past Patterns 6129

Yeah, I know, there are a lot of coats in there. But it finally started getting cold in Texas so I can actually think about wearing that cool 1970s turtleneck Jean Muir dress.


    • Amy says:

      If I had more time in life, that’d be such a fun job. I love thinking about styling women. And don’t stylists get free clothes?!

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