Remember When?

I’m not sure I was old enough, but five shakes to the person who can guess what this AllSaints ad is riffing.

I was in this store a couple of years ago. Spitalfields itself is a fun place to shop, a little out of the way of other more obvious London destinations. It used to be a market, once a prominent neighborhood of textile merchants and weavers–mostly silk industry–but it declined in the Victorian era when silks started importing from France. There’s a whole story about Huguenots in there. I’m on the side of the Huguenots. Now the place has got a kind of warehouse arty feel.

Back to AllSaints, I don’t want to spoil the fun but I am thinking someone over there is having Fleetwood Mac nostalgia:

Maybe the ad is a little less Stevie and Mick and more Stevie and Lindsay Buckingham. He was the one with the fuzzy hair.