Summertime in the City

I‘ve hit my mid-summer blues. It’s that time of year where I am generally feeling a bit slow, uninspired, and hence this entry where I randomly insert youtube videos to keep me entertained (see below). This is what summer in Austin does to me. I feel as if I lose intelligence points by the day.

It is due to utter extrovertedness of summer. And I am an introvert. The cicadas are so loud I can barely hear my own thoughts. The afternoon is the hardest time of day–I must avoid the sweltering heat by napping or sitting on the porch under the fan, looking generally listless. I could be reading but no, I instead spend hours on Facebook and flipping through magazines. The rest of the day is passed with lovely gatherings of friends, and I shouldn’t be complaining. I’ve so far had ice cream in Berlin with a dear friend, late night backyard cinema in Prague with my friends, sitting around a fire in Austin listening to friends playing their songs–all in the last two weeks. It’s wonderful and social and very easy going.

For someone who works at home, summer is a dangerous place for getting anything done. It reminds me that life is not always about accomplishing. I come from a nation of people who feel guilty for their respites, and even in our holidays we organize, plan and fill every moment. I have a genuinely hard time just relaxing, just being, without worrying what is going to come out of the day. So my goal for this summer was to plan little and set small goals. I wanted to sew three dresses and I have two done. I wanted to get my blog published with a basic design and so it has. I decided to water the garden less, which meant planting nothing in the spring.

While visiting some friends in Cincinnati earlier this month (oh yes, I have been everywhere this summer, and still two cities to go!) my photographer friend Beth talked me into getting up before dawn to shoot at one of the city’s lovely parks. Dawn is the one time of day that summer casts a quiet hush. No one’s up, just yet, except the runners. The birds are still stretching their wings. The light itself is listening.

But just about this time of year I start dreaming of scarves and layers and dark nights and inner, inner thoughts. I look forward to the cooling days when I can start planting in my garden again. I am an autumn baby after all, and October is my favorite month of all.

(Insert random video here. I think I was feelin’ some 80s cheese synth coming on when I typed the title to this entry.)