That 70s Thing in Yellow

I’m in the mood for yellow. And that would make sense for half of the planet, which seems to have been experiencing the most snowy, dreary, plane-halting winter ever. But this mood has nothing to do with cabin fever. Here I am in a part of Texas which, until last week, frolicked around the 70s for most of December and January. My roses had barely stopped blooming since October, my front garden was spilling over with the sweet fragrance of alyssum, jonquils and violets.

And then came a terrible arctic front–a record-setting freeze over 3 days that just about killed half of my very un-hardy garden. So long, alyssum, snapdragons and all of my beloved sweet pea vines. I think I may have just lost my lemon tree but I haven’t the heart to look into my back garden to consider all the damage.

Normally, when I dream of spring, I dream of coral and pale shell-colored roses. Yellow is just not a color I like to paint, plant, photograph or wear. But seeing it in Marc Jacobs fun spring collection got me rethinking my aversion.

I really love this whole collection–the maroons with the yellows with the peaches. And I really love the whole 70s groove. Nonchalant and bold at the same time.

You can get an idea of his entire color scheme from just the thumbnails:

I’ve noticed all kinds of 70s peasant-y tops and dresses for spring. Here’s another lovely take on the 70s peasant vibe in a cotton poplin, again in yellow, by Salvatore Ferragamo:

I’m thinking peasant styles are perfect idea for yellow. During a recent trip to the mind-blowing fabric shop that is Britex in San Francisco, I got the staff happily pulling out every sub-shade of yellow silk–pale yellows, marigolds, tangerines, butterscotches. It’s great fun talking color with the folks at Britex… and I came away with a few beautiful fabrics with which to attempt my own blouse.

Wouldn’t be hard to sew, at all. I love hunting down the right pattern–seems like trawling Etsy has turned into a favorite pastime. Some of the vintage peasant/poet blouse patterns out there are a little too big and billowy for me. I’d like to make something a little more pared down, possibly with buttons, like these two. I think the vintage pattern (on the left) will win out because it’s only $5.